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Due to supply chain issues we are unable to process orders. Check back for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Due to supply chain issues we are unable to process orders. Check back for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.

KINGYAO Squishies Squishy Toy 24pcs Party Favors for Kids Mochi Squishy Toy moji Kids Mini Kawaii squishies Mochi Stress Reliever Anxiety Toys Easter Basket Stuffers fillers with Storage Box

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  • ★ Very cute amazing fun these little squishies.everyone like mini squishies squishy favors for kids mochi animals stress squishys cat toy
  • ★ squishies squishy toy size 1.7 inch,Perfect cute squishies squishy toy releasing your body mood and blood circulation of hands.squishies squishy mochi moj squishy toys for kids Easter Egg Fillers Easter Basket Stuffers
  • ★ amazing soft squishies material:made of safe and non-toxic TPR material. squishies squishy toy for great touch feeling.wonderful birthday gifts christmas gifts party favors party gifts for families and friends.squishies squishy mochi moj squishy toys for kids.Easter Egg Fillers Easter Basket Stuffers
  • ★ These squishies squishy mochi moj toys can be clean with water easy when they are dirty.Each one is hand-painted perfectionists don’t buy,Cant eat/squishies squishys mochi moj squishy toys for kids mini squishies smooshy mushy
  • ★ Your satisfaction squishies squishy toy guarantee:mochi squishies toy comes with a money back guarantee in 30 days if you're not 100% satisfied with squishies squishy mochi moj toys

Product Description

DIY Your Own Advent Calendar with Our Mochi Squishy Toys, Very Specific Christmas Advent Calendar Gift

Why DIY Your Specific Christmas Advent Calendar with These Kawii Squishies?

The lead-up to Christmas is half the fun of the holiday, Instead of buying the same, sore-bought version advent calendars to count down Christmas, try to do your own, you will be surprised at how creative you and your children can get with them. It takes one afternoon, but will be wonderful memorization of family fun for many years. And there are also many tutoring can get from internet. And you can use many children's craft, empty box or toilet paper roll to make wonderful Christmas craft like the people share in the photo.

There are many gifts you can put in the boxes, but why not choose this year very popular mochie squishies to make it more specific and surprise to your kids?

These adorable and vivid tiny stuff are loved by kids from 3, 4, 5, 6 years up to teens, even college students, also coworkers, friends. Always the party favor.

Why choose us?

Because we have a lot of variety, and each is packed individually, you can put into the 24 boxes or bags of calendar, each day your kids get a different animal squishies. They also fit perfectly in regular sized plastic easter eggs, Specially they are also come with bucket, which is convenient for storage after playing with.

Tips for Play

Not like foam squishies, it is made of a super-soft material TP-Rubber, Here some tips to have it much longer

  • avoid of being dirty, please keep your hands dry and clean when you play it
  • When get dirty, wash them with soap and warm water
  • If after wash sticky, put baby powder on
  • You can poke or squeeze it, but do not stretch too hard.

Party Favors Mochi Squishy Toy Features

This pack of cute animal squishies comes with the bucket, which is very convenient for storage.

Qty: 24 pcs Random variety of mochi squishy

Colors: multi-color

There are many usages comes out of this pack.

  • Surprise gift to make a DIY advent calendar, Also cute as stocking stuffers Christmas for the kids
  • The perfect size for stuffing Easter egg goodies!
  • Surprises for storytelling in the kindergarten, classroom prizes
  • Lovely decor for your desk and also anti stress toys, make you joy and stress relief


Parents-children activities, with kawaii, tiny animals, you can use Imagination, to tell stories, special need for as sensory toys for autistic kids


Calming toys. By poking or squeezing, your mind get relieved and stress off. Good stuff to share with your coworkers.


Wonderful gifts for birthday, thanksgiving days, Christmas day. Fit for Easter Egg Fillers Easter Basket Stuffers.

Quantity 24pcs 5pcs 10pcs 24pcs
Size of Squishies 1.7 inch 3.0 inch 1.0-2.5 inch 1.7 inch
Package bucket bucket bucket storage box