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Due to supply chain issues we are unable to process orders. Check back for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Due to supply chain issues we are unable to process orders. Check back for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Stainless-Steel Kitchen Utensil Set - 10-piece premium Nonstick & Heat Resistant Kitchen Gadgets, Turner, Spaghetti Server, Ladle, Serving Spoons, Whisk, Tongs, Potato Masher and Utensil Holder

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Color: Brushed Finish
  • EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT NEED - 10-piece modern nonstick stainless-steel utensils. Includes basting spoon, slotted spoon, square slotted turner, ladle, skimmer spoon, potato masher, whisk, spaghetti spoon, and tongs, in addition to a sleek utensil holder to keep it all organized.
  • STURDY and COMFORTABLE - Handles of utensils have a comfortable grip for many hours of pleasant prepping, cooking, grilling, and serving. All gadgets are crafted of one solid piece, making them the sturdiest utensil set around. Will last you for a lifetime of lunches ,dinners, and barbecues.
  • SPLENDID STAINLESS STEEL - Set is smudge- and fingerprint-free and—in holder—looks beautiful on countertops or picnic table, so the place looks pleasant and uncluttered even while food is still being prepped. Made purely from stainless steel, it contains none of the unhealthy substances plastic boasts.
  • BREEZE to CLEAN - Wash by hand with soap and warm water and have a gleaming set in no time. You can also stick it into the dishwasher, as set is completely dishwasher safe.
  • SAVE ON THE SPACE - Attractive, sturdy holder keeps all utensils handy and organized. All utensils but the tongs have a loophole to keep them together in drawer or to hang anyplace.

Product Description

As a family-run company that knows and understands the importance of fast, easy, and healthy prepping and storing, we at FineDine hold a very high standard for kitchenware. Our company develops high-quality glassware, serveware, and kitchen tools that not only look great but make the cooking and serving experience all the more pleasurable.

Product Detail:

Everything Included

Find yourself stuck while cooking? Missing essential utensils? You can do better than that. Get yourself a set that has everything you just might need. From cooking dinner for your family to a baking spree to a barbecue with friends, you’ll find it all in this 10-piece incredible set.


Never scattered; always where you need them. Loopholes on all gadgets (but the tongs) enable them to be hooked anywhere or kept together in drawer. Have them right there while you prepare food. No more searching for that missing whisk or disappearing ladle.

Utensil Caddy

Keep the place looking tidy while food is still being prepped? Sounds too good to be true. The sleek utensil caddy is here to prove elsewise. Utensils will remain organized and tidy, flat base will ensure it stands steady, rounded lips will keep it in shape and safe with no sharp edges.


After all is said and done, you’re not always in the mood of cleaning. You cooked, you served, you even cleared the table. Leave the rest to the dishwasher as these are durable enough to sustain a lifetime of washes. They are also very easy to clean by hand.

This product is Brand New!

Please note:

Due to the process of polishing the steel, the factory might leave some black marks on the product. Make sure to wash thoroughly all the parts before first use.

Also remember:

After using the product, wash it and let dry before storing. Do not store when wet.

Kitchen Utensil Set

You won’t find these any day, you’ll use these every day. Set includes every type of gadget you may possibly ever need. Holder will keep your utensils organized and your working space looking tidy. Utensils are designed to last a lifetime as they are all of one solid piece. Toxins found in plastic utensils? None of that for us... We are more than that. You can rest assured that your food is pure and safe. For we know that you and your family deserve only the very best.

Set Includes:

  • Basting spoon, Slotted spoon
  • Square slotted turner, Ladle, Skimmer spoon
  • Potato masher, Whisk
  • Spaghetti spoon and Tongs
  • Sleek Utensil holder

Wherever food is involved

Keep up with the trend. Serve your meals with pride and in style. Food looks and tastes so upgraded when served with beautiful stainless-steel utensils. Find something for every type of dish you serve. Wow your family and guests each time anew.

Do it all. Effortlessly glide from baking to cooking, beating the cake batter to stirring that soup on the stove. Find the whisk, grab the ladle, for everything is right there neatly organized. Now, who said multitasking isn’t possible?

Barbecue with friends. Barbecue with family. Barbecue every night if you wish. Utensils are mightily heat resistant and will withstand a lifetime of abuse over the grill. You cannot though, so never leave them on grill as they can get very hot.

Sturdy and Durable

You’re going to cook for many happy years to come. You need utensils that will last you through that. Gadgets are crafted of one sturdy piece, are purely stainless steel, and won't become dented or cracked. After many years, no one will believe how love-used these truly are.